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Yogurt Green Tea with Boba

Yogurt Green Tea with Boba


In the world of bubble tea, the diversity of flavors and textures is an epitome of creativity. Another delightful mixture that has been captivating the palates and spirits of tea lovers is the Yogurt Green Tea with Boba. 

The marriage of the earthy tones of green tea with the creamy delight of yogurt boba in this innovative blend is well complemented by the chewy bursts of boba pearls. Embark with us on a trip through the layers of this fascinating drink, and learn about its history, flavor profile, and why it has become a staple for bubble tea lovers.

A creation of bubble tea artisans, Yogurt Green Tea combines two popular features – the classic appeal of green tea and the creamy acidity of yogurt. Green tea, known for its health-giving properties and wonderful taste, when combined with yogurt, has a creamy and slight tartness, thus a perfect combination of flavors. This fusion showcases the flexibility of bubble tea, demonstrating that creativity is limitless in this dynamic beverage world.

Flavor Profile:

The Yogurt Green Bubble Tea with Boba is like a symphony of flavors in every sip. The green tea offers a strong and earthy background, making the velvety yogurt to be the star of the show. The yogurt adds a lovely richness and a gentle tang that makes the whole drinking experience better. The boba pearls lend a fun textural twist, giving each mouthful a delightful pop of chewy sweetness. It is a flavour trip, that goes from the known side to the unknown side, with a taste that lingers on after.

Yogurt And Bubble Green Tea Recipe


For Green Tea:

1. 2 teaspoons of prof good-quality green tea leaves or 2 green tea bags.
2. One cup of hot water (please, this is not boiling water).
3. Agave or sugar (your option, consider adding to taste)

For Yogurt Blend:

1. one-half cup of yogurt.
2. 1-2 tbsp condensed milk or sweetened yogurt (to taste).
3. Ice cubes

For Yogurt Blend

For Boba Pearls:

1. A half-cup of black boiled dried tapioca pearls.
2. Water for boiling
3. Molasses or honey (if it is being made into syrup).


Brewing Green Tea:

1. Put your teas in a teapot or a heatproof container.
2. The water should be heated to about 175°F (80°C) – do not let it boil, because the green tea if boiling makes the tea bitter.
3. The green tea should be covered by hot water.
4. Pre-steep for 2-3 minutes for a milder flavor or up to 5 minutes for a stronger brew.
5. Strain the tea leaves, or drop tea bags.

Brewing Green Tea

Preparing Boba Pearls:

1. Follow the cooking instructions on the package and cook tapioca pearls.
2. Then after cooking the beans, drain and let it to cool for some time.
3. You can use brown sugar or honey syrup instead of melting sugar or honey in a small amount of water. Dip the cooked boba pearls in the syrup.

Creating Yogurt Blend:

1. Put condensed milk and yogurt, either sweetened or unsweetened, in a blender and mix them.
2. Puree until creamy.
3. Now put ice cubes in the blender, blend again and make the mixture cold.

Why Vegan Yogurt, Green Tea, and Boba?

1. Allow the brewed green tea to run into a glass.
2. Ice the glass generously.
3. Pour the yogurt mix into the green tea.
4. Carefully put the chewy and flavorful boba pearls that have been prepared beforehand into the glass.
5. Stir using a bubble tea straw or a long spoon, if you prefer the bubble tea straw, to mix the layers.
6. Sugar with honey or another sweetener to taste.

Vegan Yogurt, Green Tea and Boba

Serve and Enjoy:

Enjoy the multiple tastes and textures of your homemade Yogurt Green Tea with Boba. Play with the ingredient ratios according to your taste, and you will have a unique and refreshing bubble tea treat.

The Boba Experience:

A key ingredient of bubble tea is boba pearls, which are also called tapioca pearls. Taiwan is the place where these chewy, marble-sized balls were created, and since then, they have spread all over the world and are now considered a global sensation. The boba pearls add a new dimension to Yogurt Green Tea and provide a pleasant contrast to the creaminess of yogurt and strength of green tea. Each tiny pearl provides a sweet and delightful texture that makes every sip an enjoyable experience for both the palate and the senses.

Crafting the Perfect Yogurt Green Tea: Crafting the Perfect Yogurt Green Tea:

Brewing the perfect cup of Yogurt Green Tea with Boba takes a fine selection of ingredients and the most adept brewing techniques. The green tea should be infused just right, capturing its natural tastes. 

The yogurt should be smooth and homogenized, providing a rich texture to the drink. To conclude, the boba pearls are to be made consistently perfect, with just the right amount of chewiness which suits the rest of the drink’s textural components.

Flavor Combination Description
Yogurt Green Tea A refreshing twist on traditional green tea, Yogurt Green Tea combines the earthy notes of green tea with the creamy tanginess of yogurt. The result is a balanced and satisfying beverage that offers a unique flavor profile. Perfect for those seeking a refreshing and wholesome drink option.
Boba Also known as tapioca pearls, boba adds a chewy texture and fun element to Yogurt Green Tea. These small, black spheres are made from tapioca starch and are typically sweetened, enhancing the overall taste and mouthfeel of the drink. Boba lovers will appreciate the added dimension and enjoyment it brings to their tea experience.
Optional Toppings Customize your Yogurt Green Tea with a variety of optional toppings, such as fruit jelly, popping boba, or whipped cream. These additional toppings provide extra flavor, texture, and visual appeal to your beverage, allowing you to tailor it to your personal preferences and taste preferences.

What’s the Point of Giving Yogurt Green Tea a Try with Boba?

1. Unique Flavor Harmony: The mixture of green tea, yogurt, and boba is a special combination of tastes that tease the taste buds.
2. Textural Delight: The creamy yogurt and chewy boba pearls create an interesting texture in the drink, thus, each sip becomes an adventure.
3. Health Benefits: Green tea is famous for its antioxidants and health power. Consequently, Yogurt Green Tea is not just a snack but a nutritious one.

Treat Yourself With the Ideal Blend of Yogurt Green Tea with Boba!
Test our easy-to-follow milk and boba tea mix recipe with a combination of rich yogurt, flavorful green tea, and delightful boba pearls. Upgrade your bubble tea game and pamper your taste buds now!

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Yogurt Green Tea with Boba is an incredibly creative example of how far the bubble tea universe can go. The tricky mix of tastes and textures is evidence of the mastery of the tea artisans who aim to make the drink an unforgettable and innovative one. 


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Regardless of whether you are a bubble tea veteran or a newcomer who is keen to find out what the fuss is all about, the Yogurt Green Tea with Boba encourages you to take a flavor adventure, to expect a refreshing, satisfying and chewy sweetness provided in every sip.


Q1) What sets apart Yogurt Green Tea with Boba from other bubble tea flavors?

Yogurt Green Tea with Boba offers a unique blend of earthy green tea, creamy yogurt, and chewy boba pearls. The mix of flavors is unique, thus, the harmonious interaction of tastes and textures makes it different from the usual bubble tea choices.

Q2) Can I request for a different sweet level of the Yogurt Green Tea and Boba?

Absolutely! This drink is adjustable in sweetness. Tweak the sweetness by putting in some honey, or sugar substitute, or by changing the quantity of the condensed milk in the yogurt mixture to your liking.

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