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How to Prepare a Strawberry Boba Tea

How to Prepare a Strawberry Boba Tea

Boba drinks, with their different colors and flavored infusions, are loved around the world. One of their many flavors, Strawberry Boba comes out as the number one option in their delicious and refreshing Fruit Boba.

If you are a bubba lover, making your delicious strawberry bubba drink at home can save you both money and time. So, the guide equips you with everything you need to become a strawberry boba master, from understanding the essential ingredients to making the perfect boba and developing your ideal flavor profile.

Demystifying the Ingredients

Tapioca Pearls

These little balls are the center of every boba beverage. They cook to a pleasantly chewy texture because they are made of tapioca starch. Try searching the international section of your supermarket or Asian food stores for them. While they are available in a variety of hues and sizes, strawberry boba pairs well with traditional black tapioca pearls. you can also add strawberry popping boba to your drink.


For the purest flavor, use ripe, fresh strawberries. In a pinch, you can use frozen strawberries; however, defrost them entirely to prevent diluting your beverage.


A common option is a simple syrup, which is made by dissolving equal parts of sugar and water. You can add a hint of caramel depth with honey or brown sugar.

Milk Base

It gives a creamy texture to your strawberry drink.  Skim milk is lighter than whole milk, while whole milk has a fuller texture. Alternatives to dairy, such as soy, oat, or almond milk, also function well.

Tea (Adoptable)

For boba milk tea, black or green tea is frequently used to create a light tea flavor. Depending on your taste, choose tea bags or loose-leaf tea.

Boba Brewing Basics

Prepare the Pearls

Cook the tapioca pearls according to the directions on the package. Usually, they entail bringing them for a predetermined amount of time and then allowing them to simmer for an additional duration.

Reaching the Optimal Chew

Achieving the right amount of chewiness is crucial for a flawless boba. Overcooked pearls turn mushy, whereas undercooked pearls are tough and disagreeable. Once cooked, halt the cooking process by moving the boba to a bowl filled with cold water.

Enhancing the Boba’s Taste (Optional)

After cooking, you can sweeten the boba for an additional flavor boost. While the cooked boba is sitting in cold water, drizzle a couple of teaspoons of honey or simple syrup over it. 

How to Make Your Strawberry Boba

Strawberry boba can be made basically in two ways, first with strawberry milk or with milk tea. Let us consider both these methods.

Jump to Recipe. Strawberry Boba (aka Strawberry Milk Tea) pairs sweet and tangy strawberries with creamy coconut

Method 1: Milk Tea with Strawberry Flavor

Pour the tea (if desired)

If brewing tea, steep the required amount of time in boiling water using your preferred tea bag or loose-leaf tea. Before using, let it cool fully.

Get the Strawberries Prepared

Wash them and shell them. If you want bigger strawberry chunks in your drink, you can leave them whole or slice them to make mixing simpler.

Mix or Scoop

Here, you have the option of a more rustic or smoother texture. Smoothly blend the strawberries with your preferred milk base and sweetener. Alternatively, muddle the strawberries in a cup just a little bit before adding sugar and milk.

Assemble the Drink

Place a quarter cup of cooked boba pearls in a serving cup. Pour the cup of cooled tea through a strainer, if using. Add the blended strawberry milk mixture on top. If you want to add ice.

Method 2: Blended Strawberry Milk with Boba

Blended Strawberry Milk with Boba

Don’t Drink Tea

This recipe emphasizes the flavorful strawberry milk base exclusively.

Mix it Up

In a blender, combine all ingredients (strawberries, milk, sweetener, and ice). Process till frothy and smooth.

Bonanza Boba

Transfer the pureed strawberry milk to the serving vessel. Enjoy after adding the fried boba pearls!

Variations to Take Your Boba

Fruity Fusion

You can add a splash of mango, peach, or passion fruit puree to the strawberry milk tea for a tropical twist.

Creamy Dream

For a decadent treat, blend in some whipped cream or ice cream with the strawberries and milk for a milkshake-like consistency.

Tea Time

If you prefer a stronger tea flavor, brew a pot of black or green tea and let it cool before adding it to the blended strawberry mixture.

Coffee Kick

For a morning pick-me-up, substitute half of the milk with brewed coffee for a caffeinated twist on the classic strawberry boba.

Pro Tips for Boba Perfection

Pro Tips for Boba Perfection

Fresh is Best

Use the freshest ingredients possible for the most vibrant flavor.

Adjust the Sweetness

Don’t be afraid. You can taste your drink as you go and adjust the amount of sweetener to your preference.

Experiment with Flavors

This is your boba adventure! Consider adding a splash of vanilla extract, a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, or a pinch of cinnamon for a unique twist.

Leftover Love

Cooked boba pearls can be stored in a sealed container with simple syrup for up to 3 days. Reheat them gently before using.

Fruity Fun

Don’t limit yourself to strawberries! Explore other fruits like mango, peach, or blueberries to create your flavor combinations.

Storage Savvy

Cooked boba can be stored in a sealed container with simple syrup or honey for up to 2 days. Leftover blended strawberry milk can be kept in the fridge for a day, but the boba will lose its chewiness.

The Ice Factor

Freshly crushed ice creates the perfect chilled experience. Avoid pre-crushed or cubed ice, as it can melt too quickly and dilute your drink. Enhance your taste buds with the Tea Zuma Store. They provide you with different boba varieties to spice up your drink.

Feature Description
Beverage Strawberry Boba Tea
Flavor Strawberry
Ingredients – Strawberry-flavored syrup or puree
– Tapioca pearls
– Black tea or green tea (optional)
– Sweetened condensed milk or creamer (optional)
– Ice cubes
Preparation Method 1. Cooking Tapioca Pearls: Boil water and cook tapioca pearls according to package instructions.
2. Preparing Tea (Optional): Brew black or green tea and allow it to cool.
3. Mixing Strawberry Flavor: Combine strawberry syrup or puree with brewed tea or cold water.
4. Sweetening (Optional): Add sweetened condensed milk or creamer to the mixture.
5. Assembling Drink: Pour the strawberry mixture into a glass, add cooked tapioca pearls, and ice.
6. Serving: Insert a wide straw, stir, and enjoy your refreshing Strawberry Boba Tea.
Variations – Customize sweetness level by adjusting amount of sweetener.
– Experiment with different tea bases or fruit combinations for unique flavors.
– Substitute milk or creamer with non-dairy alternatives for a vegan-friendly option.
– Garnish with fresh strawberries or mint leaves for added visual appeal.

Final Words

So you can become a Strawberry Boba Master by adopting these simple steps and creative variations. Remember, the beauty of DIY boba lies in the customization. Don’t be afraid to experiment and discover flavor combinations that tantalize your taste buds. So gather your favorite ingredients, prepare a great drink, and enjoy it.


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Q1) Is Strawberry Boba good?

I honestly think this may be my new favorite boba, although I probably say that for every boba tea recipe — they’re just way too much fun to make! Strawberry boba makes the perfect midday pick-me-up since you can brew it with green or black tea for a slight caffeine boost.

Q2) Is boba tea hot or cold?

Although bubble tea is traditionally prepared over ice, if you ask at the counter, bubble tea can be prepared like any other hot drink. So if you’re feeling chilly this winter season, you do not have to compromise between warmth and your favorite drink, bubble tea.

Q3) What is Rainbow boba?

Rainbow Popping Pearls is also known as bursting boba. They are assorted colored fruit juice-filled pearls with the essence and goodness of apple flavor! Tea Zone Rainbow Popping Pearls are vibrant boba-like pearls that give a satisfying burst of apple juice flavor when bitten into.

Q4) Is boba tea Healthy?

Unfortunately, boba itself provides very few health benefits, though its calories and carbohydrates can provide you with a boost in energy. In most cases, boba tea contains high levels of sugar, which is linked to long-term health conditions like diabetes and obesity.

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