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9 Reusable Boba Cups For Every Bubble Tea

Reusable Boba Cups For Bubble Tea


Are you ready to skip the disposable cups and join the environmentally aware bubble tea revolution? With the increased awareness of environmental effects, adapting to a reusable boba cup is a wonderful way to demonstrate your love for the world. Reusable boba cups are the best alternative for drinks nowadays.

It’s also good for being environmentally conscious.  Boba tea is a very famous beverage all over the world. Everyone wants to enjoy their favorite milk tea with friends and family. Many shops use plastic disposable cups and lids to serve the tea.

Did you know that non-biodegradable plastics cause a lot of damage to the earth? According to one study, 120 billion disposable cups are used in the US daily. But we have reusable boba cups as an alternative.

By using these cups you can not only reduce carbon dioxide emissions but also help save our planet. You can see the vast amount of this cup in boba shops due to its unique style. So, let’s learn about these nine attractive cups and their benefits.

1.     The Classic: YUMBUCHA Reusable Boba Tumbler & Straw Set

This iconic cup is a favorite for a reason. Made from durable Tritan plastic, it’s lightweight, shatterproof, and dishwasher safe. The wide-mouth design allows easy customization and boba scooping, while the included sleeve keeps your drink cool on the go.

YUMBUCHA Reusable Boba Tumbler & Straw Set

Plus, the straw is specifically designed for boba, featuring a wider tip to handle those chewy pearls. There are thousands of suppliers but the tea Zuma store is the Best boba tea supplier in the USA. They have a variety of items for your home, restaurant, and cafe.

2.     The Eco-Warrior: ECOffee Cup Reusable Bubble Tea Cup

Made from natural bamboo fiber, this cup is a sustainable champion. It’s biodegradable, compostable, and free of harmful chemicals, making it a guilt-free choice for the environmentally conscious. The double-walled insulation keeps your drink hot or cold for hours, and the leak-proof lid ensures mess-free sipping.

3.     The Fashionista: BUILT Glitter Bomb Tumbler

Who says functionality can’t be fabulous? This boba cup adds some sparkle to your bubble tea adventures with its eye-catching glitter design. The BPA-free, double-walled construction keeps your drink at the perfect temperature, and the leak-proof lid with a flip-top closure ensures mess-free travel.

4.     The Techie: Contigo AUTOSEAL® Tumbler with Boba Straw

You can embrace the smart features of this innovative cup. The new technology automatically seals after each sip, eliminating spills and leaks. The included bubble tea straw features a wider tip for effortless pearl sipping, while the double-walled insulation keeps your drink cold for up to 28 hours.

 Tumbler with Boba Straw

5.     The Minimalist: SoL Cups Reusable Boba Cup

Less is more with this sleek and stylish cup. Made from premium, BPA-free Tritan plastic, it boasts a minimalist design that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The wide mouth opening accommodates customization and boba scooping, while the leak-proof lid ensures mess-free enjoyment.

6.     The Homebody: Bobatopia Reusable Boba Tea Cup & Kit

Turn your kitchen into a new cup haven! This kit includes a double-walled, insulated cup, a handy boba scooper, and reusable straws. The cup is made from food-grade plastic and features a clear design to showcase your colorful creations. Whether you’re brewing your boba or prepping for a tea party, this kit has you covered.

7.     The Adventurer: Stojo Collapsible Travel Cup

you can take your boba tea on the go, no matter where you want to go! This collapsible cup folds down flat to fit in your pocket or bag, making it perfect for space-conscious travelers. The leak-proof design and BPA-free silicone construction ensure safe and enjoyable sipping.

8.     The Party Animal: Corkcicle Popsicle Stemless Wine Glass

Looking for a unique and stylish way to enjoy your boba? This stemless wine glass with a boba straw is the perfect answer. Made from triple-insulated stainless steel, it keeps your drink hot or cold for hours. The fun Popsicle design is sure to turn heads at your next boba gathering.

9.     The Gift-Worthy: S’well Boba Tumbler with Infuser

This premium cup is a luxurious gift for any boba lover. The double-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel construction keeps drinks at their ideal temperature for extended periods. The included infuser allows you to add fruits or herbs to your boba for an extra burst of flavor. Plus, the sleek and stylish design makes it a conversation starter.

 S'well Boba Tumbler with Infuser

Switch to Reusable Boba Cups

There are many benefits you can get by using these cups.

Environmental Friendly

Disposable plastic cups contribute to landfill waste and pollution. By choosing a reusable cup, you’re taking a stand for a cleaner planet.

No Waste Money

Reusable cups are an investment that pays off in the long run. You can run it for a long time which saves you money. By using Tea Zuma online store cups and lids you can save money.

Freedom to Choose

Reusable cups offer customization options. You can buy them according to your size and style. With these options, you can keep your drink hot or cold for longer.

Multiple Styles

These cups come in a variety of designs, from sleek and minimalist to vibrantly patterned and fun. You can even match your cup with your favorite boba tea to match your personality!

Easy to Carry

Many reusable cups are incredibly convenient. Some have leak-proof lids, perfect for taking your Bubba on adventures. Others are collapsible and ideal for space-saving storage. Just grab your trusty cups and head to your favorite boba shop! Connect with the Tea Zuma online store. It offers you the best boba cups, lids, and straws as well as various kitchen tools. It is your partner in meeting all your restaurant needs.

The End

Switching to a reusable boba cup may be a small action, but the impact is huge. You can save money while doing well for the environment, and enjoy your Bubba experience even more. So grab your favorite cup, and enjoy your drink!


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Q1) Are boba cups recyclable?

Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol is an alternative plastic that some cups are made from. These cups are slightly more difficult to deal with when sealing lids. However, PETG is also recyclable. Whether you are a customer or shop owner, knowing that your cups are recyclable is a must.

Q2) Why are boba cups so big?

Customers want their boba cups to be filled to the brim – with boba and syrup. So if your cups are too small, there won’t be enough room for the syrup to settle in the bottom of the cup. This is a huge mistake since the syrup is the main ingredient that brings the boba drink together.

Q3) Are boba straws recyclable?

Bubble tea straws that are made from either paper or reusable materials such as stainless steel or silicone can indeed be recycled. Whereas bubble tea straws made from plastic, typically polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE), are not recyclable.

Q4) Do we recycle any cups?

No, the good news is that plastic material is recyclable, just like paper. So, recycling coffee or tea cups after use won’t be a problem. As a consumer, you need to know that when these cups are recycled at the recycling center, they will be mixed with other types of products.

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