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Assam Milk Tea Recipe

Assam Milk Tea Recipe


Let yourself be transported into the realm of tea with the aromatic and rich Assam Milk Tea. This traditional Indian drink has taken the tastes of tea lovers from all over the world. This detailed guide will take you through the instant brewing method that captures the magic of the cup.

Assam Milk Tea,” “Assam Chai,” or “Assam Tea with Milk” is an Indian traditional drink that’s popular for its intense and solid flavor. Assam is the home of black tea is the most famous in the world, which is Assam tea is produced in this region in the Northeast of India.

Key characteristics of Assam Milk Tea:

– Strong and Robust Flavor:

Assam tea is popular for its robust and rich flavor. The tea leaves are what give Assam milk tea its unique maltiness and richness in flavor.

– Dark Color:

The milky brown color of Assam Milk Tea or bubble milk tea is the result of the intensity of the tea leaves used in its preparation.

– Milk and Sweetener:

The addition of milk to the Assam tea not only mellows the strong sharpness but also gives it milkiness. Most of the sugar derivatives are used during the process just to sweeten the entire product up.

Reasons why people love Assam Milk Tea:

Bold Flavor Profile:

The bold and full-bodied taste makes Assam tea appealing to those who enjoy their cup of tea to be rich and flavourful. It offers a pleasing and mood-lifting sensation.

– Versatility:

Assam Tea is subjected to customization to suit individual tastes. It suits anyone, whether you enjoy a strong cup or need a milder one.

– Cultural Significance:

Tea made from the leaves of Assam tea sold in the market has got cultural bearing. People usually store it in their homes and invite others to eat it in family or social events, thus creating an atmosphere of warmth and togetherness.

– Elevated Tea Experience:

A blend of first-class Assam tea leaves, milk, and possibly spices such as ginger and cardamom makes both the tea and the experience of drinking tea more delightful. It provides a fantastic trip that engages both taste and smell.

– Easily Accessible:

Assam Tea or the ‘chai’ is often available and enjoyed around the world. Its accessibility also traces back to its popularity, hence tea fanatics would choose it as an alternative.

Finally, Assam Milk Tea is popular because of its strong and bold flavor, cultural identity, and versatility which allows individual to tinker with it to suit their palate. While it is imbibed in solitude or savored with friends, Assam Milk Tea is an assuring and delicious brew.


1. Assam tea leaves – 2 tbsp
2. Water – 1 cup.
3. Milk – 1 cup
4. Sugar- 2-3 teaspoons (adjust to taste)
5. Ginger – 1 inch piece (optional)
6. Cardamom pods – 2-3 (optional)


Step 1: Boiling Water and Tea Leaf Infusion

Start by adding one cup of water to a light boil. Then heat the water and put two tablespoons of Assam tea leaves into the teapot. Put the hot water on the tea leaves and allow them to steep for 3-5 minutes, letting the strong flavors get in the water.

Boiling Water and Tea Leaf Infusion

Step 2: Arranging the Base

In a separate saucepan, simmer one cup of milk over medium heat. You can adjust the milk-tea ratio to suit your taste, if you want a stronger tea. Stir sugar into the milk until it is completely dissolved.

Step 3: Straining and Mixing

After that, the brewed tea is strained into the milk mixture that is prepped. Catch any loose leaves by using a fine mesh strainer or a tea infuser. Add more flavor by adding grated ginger or sliced cardamom pods at this stage.

 Straining and Mixing

Step 4: Stewing and extracting

Now turn the heat back on at the lowest level and simmer the tea for an additional 3-5 minutes in the saucepan. This enables the flavors to marry, making a strong combination of tea and milk. Stir occasionally to make sure the flavors are distributed uniformly.

Step 5: Pour and enjoy

After the tea has simmered to perfection, transfer it into your favored cup or mug. The tantalizing aroma and the velvety texture of the Assam Tea Milk are sure to thrill your senses. Take a little time to indulge in the harmonies of taste that swirl on your tongue.

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This thorough handbook has been a key that has opened the door to brewing a wonderful cup of Assam Milk Tea. Deciding how you want to incorporate it into your routine, either by the morning to start your day off with a bang or end it with a calming beverage at night, this recipe promises to give you a joyful experience. This will enhance the art of making tea and every cup of it will be like a cherished memory of this Indian culture.


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Q1: Can I use any type of Assam tea leaves that is available for this recipe?

Absolutely! Using the traditional Assam tea leaves remains your best choice for the authentic flavor, however, trying out different other varieties can be interesting especially where your preference is the taste. Just make sure you provide top-quality loose leaves for maximum results.

Q2: As an alternative, can I leave out the ginger and cardamom for flavor, or must they be included in the recipe?

The use of ginger and cardamom is optional and if you like one of these spices you can add it. It is the sweetness of the ingredients that gives it the luxurious spiciness, and yet it is still as delicious as ever without them. If you wish to design your own blend, you can add more of any flavor that you particularly like.

Q3: Can I substitute for other artificial sweeteners instead of sugar?

Absolutely! If you want to lower the sugar or choose other alternative sweeteners, you can opt for honey, agave nectar, or any other sweetener of your choice. Adjust the quantity to your liking depending on your taste for sweetness.

Q4: Can you tell me how to make a bigger batch for the guests of Assam Milk Tea?

To make a bigger quantity, multiply the quantity of all ingredients in the same way. Remember that the strength of the tea and the sweetness can differ from one batch to another, so you need to taste a little and adjust it yourself while preparing. Do the same as I did, and you will have a very nice batch of Assam Milk Tea to serve your friends and relatives.

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