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Almond Milk Tea Recipe (Warm Or Iced With Boba

almond milk tea recipe


With regard to alternative beverages, almond milk tea is a vegan substitute that successfully combines the sweet with the creamy so as not to use any dairy products. It doesn’t matter whether you’re lactose intolerant, a vegan, or you just wanted to reduce the amount of dairy you take on a daily basis, this almond milk tea recipe can satisfy all your needs. Come with us on the journey of untangling the what, how, why, and, also, the step-by-step guide to crafting this original and tasty drink.


What is the list of ingredients of this drink?

Almond milk is the base of an almond milk boba tea, which also includes any variety of black teas of your own preference and a sweetener or syrup to add extra flavor to it. The plant based milk adds a slightly nutty and sweet flavor that goes well with black tea, which on its part plays a role of an intense and somewhat bitter taste. This is a heaven-on-earth combination, which in addition to tasting great comes as a healthier alternative for the ones who usually drink milk or cream.

What Flavor Does Almond Tea Have?

This beverage has a delicate flavour and aroma acquired from its floral notes and nutty undertones complemented by tea’s significant bitterness. Creating almond milk with a lower fat content versus traditional dairy means the beverage has a slightly watery texture. In reality, this bit is how it entails the richness of a mocha which replaced by the creaminess, with a better version aimed at those who are conscious about their health. Furthermore, as dairy-free, almond milk tea is solid proof of an outstanding vegan beverage of excellence.


Almond Milk Tea Calories:

It is noted that almond milk boba tea has around 180 calories before any sugar is added. Though making popsicles with syrup or boba could add about 280 to 350 calories to the menu, they are still healthy snacks to have. For me it is much more beneficial to do it in my own kitchen because I can make it as sweet or unsweetened as I want.



The creamy, delicious almond milk also has its benefits on health. It is also abundant in Vitamin E, which is a potent antioxidant, that effectively prevents heart diseases, eye disturbances and deterioration of cognitive function. Such beverage would be suitable for individuals who cannot tolerate lactose and people who follow the vegan way of life as well as those who care about the beneficial properties of tea catechins. The amount of caffeine contained in this tea is determined by the type of leaf utilized; black tea exhibits higher caffeine content.

Almond Milk Tea Ingredients:

  1. Almond milk (unsweetened type is better than the sweetened one).
  2. One of the amazing things about black tea (Assam or English Breakfast for rich flavors) is how well it goes with dimensions of cooking.
  3. The final ingredient is the sweetener (brown sugar for earthy taste or zero-calorie sweetener for a light option).

How To Make Almond Milk Tea Boba:

Make Almond milk Tea Boba combining almond milk, black, sugar, and Boba. As the boba is unique in texture they are chewy and bouncy it is making drink more enjoyable. Simplicity is the key and therefore, a ready-made boba product is a brilliant solution. With the homemade version being not only, tasty but also more diet-friendly ( a 300 to 350 calorie margin), commercial alternatives can seem like an unnecessary extravagance.


Almond Milk Tea Recipe (Hot or Iced with Boba):

This almond tea that can be easily made and enjoyed either cold or hot with tapioca pearls will be a really good option. Just 15 minutes preparation of this beverage will get you your quick fix and a nutritious one too.

Here’s a detailed recipe:

Variations To Try

From the heart-healthy oils in walnuts to the sweet and creamy nature of almonds, you may start what you thought impossible to trend your diet with plant-based alternatives. Latte ranging from Ginger to Turmeric is a good choice if you want to add new drink to your list.

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By the same token, almond milk tea is neither a drink but a trip towards those customers looking for dairy-free, plant-based choices. This one of a kind drink is the proof of its savory, healthy, and versatile features, it will definitely turn into your signature drink. Thus, whether you prefer it drinking it warm, or enjoying it with bubble tea, almond milk tea is a delightful treat that can be used for any of your celebrations.



Q1) Is almond milk tea more friendly for those people who are lactose intolerant?

Yes, almond milk tea is indeed a great choice for people who have problems with lactose intolerance or humans as a whole as it is free from the dairy products. The fact that almond milk, in which recipe will be composed, is a plant based variation of traditional dairy product makes it an appropriate choice for individuals who may experience lactose related problems.


Q2) Please I would want to have the degree of sweetness of mine suitably tailored to my preference.

Absolutely! Another benefit of making the almond milk tea at home is getting the freedom to customize its sweetness as you need to. The recipe categorically states the choice of either sweetener or syrup and amounts of the same as per your level of sweetness, which brings the personalized touch to your drink.

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