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Aiyu Jelly: A Taiwanese Summer Dessert And Boba Topping

aiyu jelly taiwanese


Taiwanese Aiyu jelly boba is a traditional summer dessert, known for its unique texture and great taste. However, this dessert usually does not receive much international attention. 

In this article we will be looking at the origins of ingredients for the traditional refreshment to show you how to make it at home. Either you love it or you enjoy this cocktail or it can be a unique boba topping. 

In any case, you’ll discover that Aiyu jelly boba will quench your thirst during hot summer days.

As you probably wonder what the ingredients for the jelly are, let me briefly describe them. As plant-based foods rise in popularity, our Aiyu jelly boba becomes one of its highlights which is prepared from the seeds of awkeotsang creeping fig, endemic to this land and other East Asian countries. By a quick and easy rubbing of the seeds in water, a yellowish gel is gained acting as the main portion of the cooling treat.


Not only having its tasty flavor, Aiyu jelly boba also has much health advantage. Being an excellent source of pectin, it promotes digestive health and accentuates the absorption of plants. Furthermore, this delicacy in Taiwan is comprised of necessary vitamins and dietary fiber, hence, these nutrients help to improve the blood cholesterol level and a disciplined metabolism. 

Despite possessing the same 90 % water content, it is a low-calorie shake that can be used to push for skin health too as it improves blood circulation and decreases the inflammation.


Unlike Aiyu jelly that is very very watery (it has a very high water content), the taste of the jelly only becomes really delicious when served with a bit of honey and lime. The gummy, gelatin-like consistency is what makes it so great for using in a variety of different desserts, the same way agar-based crystal boba and grass jelly feel in your mouth.

How to Enjoy:

Usually, Aiyu jelly is dressed with honey and lime juice to get the original taste of the jelly and extra sweetness along with a citrusy flavor. Sliced of whole limes and ice cubes add to a sensational dose of freshness when served in the traditional way in Taiwan. Also, Aiyu jelly has accommodated itself as an optimum topping to choose from many kinds of bubble tea or pinyas flavors such as matcha, milk tea, and red bean.


Aiyu jelly can be cooked with either dry fig seeds or powder of Aiyu but the flavour and health concerns of the first can be preferred in comparison to the second. Lime juice and sweetener which can either be sugar syrup or honey are the two important elements that guarantee the taste of the lemonade similar to its sweet, citrusy taste. Regarding Aiyu jelly, it is important to know that this is a plant-based product which therefore suits perfectly for those who are allergic to gelatin-based products.

How to Make Aiyu Jelly:

A home-made Aiyu jelly is actually not a difficult thing to do. Using cold spring water to soak successive mixtures of Aiyu seeds and storing the final mixture in the refrigerator will help you make Taiwanese special food in no time. The cold water is necessary to allow the pectin bearing seeds to break down thus obtaining a satisfactory jelly-like network.


Cooking Tips:

If the Aiyu jelly is what you want, then do not forget cold water as it unlocks the pectin. Only then will you be able to appreciate the delights that this jelly has to offer. Use only spring water or rain water (if possible, filter it) for the mixture, because it may prevent it from setting. Therefore, go for cold or mineral water rather than processed for a better taste and consistency.


Aiyu jelly should be consumed within a day because it lacks ingredients to increase its storage life time. We notice that the fridge is a good place to store jelly and keep its shape. However, after two days it begins to lose its integrity and may be watery in consistency.

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In a nutshell, Aiyu jelly is more than a desert for summer in Taiwan, and it is a crest jewel among the delectable foodstuffs which can make your culinary experiences worthwhile. Whether savored independently or as a distinctive bobba topping, this cool dessert creates a mix of the Golden Triangle, which makes it a celebrity in the world of dessert. Thus, do give it a try to make your own Aiyu jelly and taste the country’s summer delight in your palate.



Q1) Can I use Aiyu powder instead of dried fig seeds to make a jelly that is similar to Aiyu jelly?

It does, actually, but I infinitely prefer dried fig seeds to Aiyu powder. This may be another restriction for Aiyu powder which contains preservatives so you can settle for the option that works for you.

Q2) Briefly, there are the 2 hours of soaking the Aiyu powder, 1 hour of cooking the Aiyu liquid, 1 hour of heating, stirring, cooling, and then storing the jelly.

This Aiyu jelly production process is comparatively wasted. Pour the seeds into the cold water to wash them off and then place the mixture in the refrigerator to keep it sufficiently cold for about half an hour. Such a way, we receive a perfect structure of the gel and ultimately enjoy a pleasant refreshment that originates from Taiwan.


Q3) Does Aiyu jelly can be kept for the long period of time?

Aiyu jelly is a fresh produce and must be consumed within a day due to no preservatives. Preserving it in the fridge helps keep its firm feel although in less than a day or two the jelly turn to be fluid.

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