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Shaker Cup 700ml


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PP 700ml Shaker Cup for Bubble Tea


Take Your Mixology Game to the Next Level with Shaker Cup 700ml from Tea Zuma.

Enhance your cocktail making with Tea Zuma’s Shaker Cup 700ml that gives an all rounded superior mixing performance and durability.

  • Turn your favorite cocktails into supreme tasteful masterpieces using Tea Zuma’s 700ml Shaker Cup.
  • The package is conveniently sized 700ml, which is ideal for creating single or multiple portion sizes.
  • Designed and built for durability and longevity, guaranteeing consistent service for endless cups of coffee.
  • Perfect for home bartenders and professional mixologists.
  • Spice up your cocktail experience with Tea Zuma’s Shaker Cup of top-notch quality and make your guests smile.

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