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PP PLASTIC BOBA STRAW Individually Wrapped 8x210mm


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U502 PP PLASTIC BOBA STRAW Individually Wrapped 8x210mm 8x210mm

Boba Plastic Straws


Elevate your sipping experience through Tea Zuma’s Individually Wrapped PP Plastic Boba Straws. Perfect for bubble tea and beyond!

  • Wrap for cleanliness and convenience individually and make mouth-freshening use of it with every use.
  • The PP plastic used is robust enough to endure any liquid.
  • Sleek design brings class to your drinks, intended to impress guests.
  • Length of 8x210mm ensures the best sipping comfort.
  • Great for use with bubble tea, cocktails, smoothies, and other things.


By choosing eco-friendly wine, you not only participate in sustainability initiatives but also elevate and improve the quality of your drinking experience.



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