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Mango Popping Boba


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P4000 Mango Popping Boba 7.05 lbs X 4 Bottle/Case 28.2 lbs

Mango Bursting Boba Mango Popping Boba Pearls

Taste the exotic mango of Mango Popping Boba, made by Tea Zuma in bottles and cases for your delight.


  • Indulge your senses with the fruity bliss of Tea Zuma’s Mango Popping Pearls.
  • Choose from individual bottles or cases of 4 for your convenience.
  • Each bottle is a burst of juicy mango-popping boba making your drinks and desserts so exciting.
  • Such for flavor infusion in bubble tea, frozen yogurt, cocktails and more.
  • Make your dishes special with the top-notch quality and tropical taste of Tea Zuma’s Mango Popping Boba.

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