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Cup Shaker Machine


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Cup Shaker Machine

100V/ 120W

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Tea Zuma’s cup shaker machine can make the mixing of bubble tea effortless for you

Be amazed at how Automatic Cup Shaker Machine simplifies the bubble tea preparation process with its 100V/120W powerful unit.

  • Use Tea Zuma’s Cup Shaker Machine to make the bubble tea process effortless.
  • Provided with the 100V/120W power for intensive mixing, this equipment makes the beverages well-blended.
  • Great for any bubble tea shop, coffee shop, or restaurant needing reliable and proficient equipment.
  • Suitable for different cup sizes to ensure versatility.
  • Enhance your beverage prep setup with Tea Zuma’s Shaker Machine and raise the level of your bubble tea quality.

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Weight 25.04 kg
Dimensions 16 × 15 × 17 cm


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